tiistai 17. joulukuuta 2013

Fall Meeting

FFHA held its fall meeting at Sello Library in Espoo in 14th of December and it was attended by 23 members. The plan of action and finances for 2014 were approved as presented by the executive committee. Joining and membership fees as well as the supporting member fee will remain the same in 2014.

Sami Lehtonen was elected as President of the executive committee. Eija Liitiäinen, Jani Koski, Lasse Holm and Sari Ahonen were re-elected. Kari Kujansuu wanted to give up his seat on the Board. Veikko Leskelä will serve as inspector of operations and Mauri Nieminen and Pekka Valta as vice inspectors of operations.

The message can also be found at FFHA discussion forum

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