sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Small update on the server issue

We managed to write a program that copies files from the corrupted data disk. It seems to be able to recover nearly all the files, so the transfer from the mirror has been stopped (parishes from A to M had already been restored through it). The rest of the files will be available at a rate of 0,5-1 Tb a day, so all in all a couple days to finish it. The program stores the files it finds into a temporary folder and then a script moves them to the correct folder in the image database. The images are immediately availabe in the database (also through the Hiski-Digiarkisto). The static pages (Church records -link on the front page) will be updated later manually, once all (or nearly all) books from a specific parish are recovered. If you need a parish that's not on the static list yet, try checking the database for the missing parish.

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